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tumblrinlineSports: 3-Cushion Billiards


The convergence of sport, science and beauty


Politics & Opinion: The Internet Party


One citizen, one vote, zero government interference.


Currency & Crypto: CurrenScene


The currency scene. News, stories and events about currency from around the world.


Celebrity Gossip: Into Rehab


We don't know why we love it... and we don't care!


Diamonds: Diamond Buyers Club


Thinking about diamonds? Welcome to the club.


Guns & Gun Rights: Gun Buyers Club

GBC logo50x50www.gunbuyersclub.com

Cogito ergo armatus - I think, therefore armed.


Humor: Dick Joke of the Day

27330664 ml50x52www.djokeoftheday.com

A laugh a day. It's not hard. Seriously.


Technology: Synaptic Web Co


 Website management. Good, fast, cheap... pick two.